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How to use disinfecting wipes while traveling

How to use disinfecting wipes while traveling

With the travel bans recently uplifted, you are thrilled to start your next vacation. But you are also worried about the health risks involved and what you can do to minimize or avoid them altogether.

Apart from enjoying your vacation, your main goal is to return home in good health. So, everything you do matters, including taking your flight to and from your destination.

Have you ever boarded an airplane and wondered just how clean it is?

With the end of the Covid 19 pandemic still a far-fetched dream, no one would fault you for it. And you are not paranoid — you are 113 times more likely to catch an infection on a plane than on the ground.

Luckily, for most airlines, cleanliness is a priority. There are protocols and standards of cleanliness that they must observe. But considering cleaning is done in-between flights, there is limited time to do it thoroughly. That is only likely to happen at night when the aircraft spends more time on the ground. Most airlines have, however, stepped up their cleaning in the face of Covid 19. Considering that the airplane and your seat there are public, you will get more comfortable taking charge of your cleanliness.

So, did you bring your cleaning supplies? Do you have your favorite pack of Sanidry Disinfecting Wipes? You know these wipes have come through for you before, and they will today too.

If you have a pack of your go-to disinfectant wipes handy, then you don’t have to pick germs on board a plane when you finally decide to take your long-awaited vacation. Just ask Naomi Campbel.

But you are probably wondering if you will make it to the plane with your Sanidry pack before it’s whisked away as one of those things not allowed into the plane. Fret not. You can carry as many as you can fit in your carry-on bag.

Apart from the now obvious handwashing and sanitizing, can disinfectant wipes eliminate any other germ exposures? Just how effective are they anyway?

What are Disinfectant Wipes?

Disinfectant wipes come as either dry or ready-to-use. Ready to use wipes are also called pre-impregnated disinfecting wipes and are considered convenient and reliable.

They are disposable and come pre-soaked in a disinfecting solution. Disinfectant wipes are different from the all-purpose ones. They are regarded as “disinfectants” because, unlike soap and water that will only remove the pathogens, your pack of Sanidry wipes will go further to kill them. You will find such effective disinfectant cleaning products among those registered by the EPA.

For high-touch surfaces, disinfectant wipes are the most efficient method of getting rid of germs.

What do You Disinfect on an Airplane?

Hard to believe but, the headrest is the most contaminated part of your space onboard a plane. That is according to a survey by Marketplace. The back-seat pockets may also look clean, but they are not. If you have the habit of slipping your water bottle and snacks in them, it’s time to stop.

But don’t resign yourself to picking germs and getting sick yet, at least not if you carried your pack of Sanidry Disinfecting Wipes.

Armed with your favorite wipes, wipe down anything you are likely to touch immediately you get to your seat. These will include armrests, the touch screen on the entertainment system, the tray table latch, the seatbelt, and the top of the back-seat pocket. Carry the wipes to the bathroom too to use on the flusher and door handle.

If you forego the disinfecting procedure, you will have to deal with many discomforts while attempting to avoid picking up germs — hoping your journey won’t be too long. For example, you will need to avoid placing any food or personal items on the tray table.

Don’t you think now is the time to take the cleanliness of your airplane space into your own hands? Here are some tips.

How to Use Disinfecting Wipes on the Airplane

Sanidry Disinfecting Wipes are very convenient. After all, they are “ready-to-use.” But if you are not going to use them correctly, it will be pointless to disinfect.

  • For optimal results, always ensure you read the instructions before use. Sanidry wipes require that the surface remains visibly wet for a specific length of time to work its magic. That might require you to use more than a single wipe to maintain the wetness for the specified time.
  • The rule of thumb is; one wipe, one surface. Avoid the temptation to use a single wipe on several surfaces. Instead of getting rid of the germs, you will only help them move from surface A to surface B.
  • Sanidry Wipes are not effective on upholstered surfaces since wet surfaces will only lead to easy transfer of germs invalidating the whole purpose of disinfection. For such surfaces, place a clean removable and only use Sanidry wipes on hard non-porous surfaces.

If you are going to take cleaning matters of your plane space into your own hands, make sure you do an excellent job of it. You don’t want to give yourself a false sense of security and end up catching the flu or, worse, the Coronavirus.

Also, remember that germs don’t fly. They will not jump from surfaces to you. Germs need an agent. If you are not carrying them on your unwashed hands or breathing them in from the air, your planned vacation is likely to be as awesome as you hoped for.