• Alkaline Generator PH9 is the worlds first & only portable alkaline water generator without a disposable filter.PH9 GENERATOR is lined with natural alkalizing minerals
  • Simply fill with water and shake a few times which will oxygenate and mineralize the water.In 1-3 minutes water will become alkaline and ready to drink. Maximize your supplement usage with the PH9 Alkaline Generator.Supplements digest faster and you will begin to experience their effects within minutes.
  • PH9 Generator is medically approved with the following benefits: Powerful antioxidant Provides lots of energy by providing much oxygen Increases metabolism Efficient recovery after exercise Breaks down water molecules into smaller clusters for better absorption Contains and releases minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron among others Helps with digestion Sterilizing effect on (tap) water Positive effects on skin and diet
  • Alkaline Benefits: Improved Hydration, Antioxidant, Anti-Aging,Increased Mental Clarity, Increased Metabolism, Improved Energy & Recovery Balanced, PH Improved Heart Health, Improved Digestion, Improved Liver Health, Bone Health, Teeth Health, Detoxification
  • The worlds first and only portable alkaline water generator without (expensive) filters. A unique innovation in alkaline water!

Alkaline Water Bottle Generator


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